Chile (2012)

We entered the market with the objective of becoming the best assistance company around. We have been taking on new customers every year and we managed to keep 100% of our operations running during 2020. Today we continue to grow and expand across America and Europe.

Argentina (2013)

Together with the Chilean subsidiary, we set our sights high and share strategies for expansion in the market. We started with 18 partners and 185,000 customers, and by 2021 we closed with 48 partners and more than 4 million clients.

Colombia (2014)

Colombia is one of the most successful subsidiaries in our company. From the very start Colombia has been creating alliances with some of the most formidable clients in the country. In Colombia during the first 5 years, we went from offering 11,000 clients services up to 208,763 by 2021. We have forged strong partnerships with 40 partners and 2,650.00 clients.

Peru (2015)

We continue to expand our territory and launched our operations in Peru, a subsidiary dedicated to strengthening our business relationships with customers who have remained with us along the way. By 2021, Peru had working partnerships with 15 partners and 210,000 individual clients.

Uruguay (2016)

With the challenge of having to break into conservative market, in Uruguay we have made alliances and implemented service alternatives aimed at portfolio growth. We are convinced that with our experience in the development of various businesses in the region. We have the tools to continue growing with our partners and the already more than 70,000 direct customers.

Panama (2018)

In Panama our main focus is in the banking and financial area. We have consolidated ourselves in the 1-on-1 sale of businesses, reaching more than 20,000 direct customers with through assistance programs.

México (2018)

We arrived to Mexico with a firm step and our goals set high. In 8 months, we managed to acquire 5 partners, a figure that tripled by 2020 closing with 23 partners, incorporating customers from the retail and the airlines sector.

El Salvador (2018)

Through sustained growth we have managed to get ahead in the industry reaching a total of 8 partners and 90,000 direct customers.

Honduras (2019)

With more than 20,000 direct customers, below the flag of innovation in the development of new products, IGS Honduras has managed to forge partnerships of considerable importance in the country.

Ecuador (2019)

Ecuador is a leader in the development of non-traditional businesses and oriented towards digital strategies. IGS Ecuador has achieved notoriety in customer loyalty and in the sector of added-value services.

Costa Rica (2019)

With only few years of experience but moving forward at a steady pace, our branch in Costa Rica has managed to secure profitable alliances with more than 15 partners through several distinct business models.

Guatemala (2019)

Outstanding footprint in the banking and financial sectors, in just one year of operation Guatemala has reached more than 500,000 direct customers, expanding our current strategy to other segments that allow us to keep up our sustained growth.

Paraguay (2020)

As the third subsidiary to be created during the pandemic we have managed to position ourselves as a disruptive company through innovative services that allow us to continue strengthening our brand in the region. In 2021 IGS Paraguay formally opened its commercial offices.

Bolivia (2021)

Founded at the beginning of 2021, IGS Bolivia has managed to gain the trust of partners hungry for new services and business models that provide them with alternatives for growth and which can help set them apart.

Nicaragua (2020)

IGS Nicaragua is one of 3 subsidiaries born right in the middle of the pandemic. With resilience and perseverance, Nicaragua has been able to keep up sustained growth. In 2021 Nicaragua officially opened its commercial offices.

Dominican Republic (2020)

Being the second IGS subsidiary created in the middle of the Pandemic, it has managed to structure businesses with innovative programs with the aim of retaining large portfolios. In 2021 formally opened its commercial office.

Brazil (2020)

Brazil was founded at the beginning of 2020, in less than a year of operation and in the middle of the pandemic, Brazil obtained 13 of the more than 30 sponsors we currently have. We provide operations in large insurance multinational companies and financial institutions.


Spain (2022)

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