Innovative Assistance

We adapt to the market’s needs through our non-stop creation of innovative assistance models which keep up with the ever changing market.

Extreme Weather Assistance:

Rain will no longer be a problem; we offer coverage in case you miss your flight due to bad weather conditions, information on road conditions, legal assistance in case of accident, delivering urgent messages and much more. 

Telephone Security Assistance:

We are your guardian and stay by your side until you arrive at your destination.

Kids Assistance:

For the little ones we offer coverage with fun activities for them and tranquility for you, such as dance classes, academic tutoring, , pediatricians care, physical or respiratory therapies, psychological and nutritional guidance and many more  services that help you with the fulltime job of being a parent.

Express home assistance:

We offer coverages designed to be your right hand for any, repair, repair, maintenance or help you need for the care of your home, we provide furniture assembly services, wall drilling, installation of lamps, decorative items, installation of curtains, uncovering of pipes, repair of leaks, labor for painting, and many more services that you may need.

Bicycle Assistance:

Because with each pedal stroke you take care of your health and the environment, count on us to continue advancing, we provide coverage, for the care of your bike as maintenance of your bike, transfer in case of rain, locksmith, coverage for you transfer in case of breakdown or accident, legal assistance and much more.

Senior Assistance:

Reach this beautiful stage of life with tranquility and love, we provide you with medical assistance, craft classes, delivery of prescribed medicines to the home, messaging, physical and respiratory therapies at home, video doctor and phone doctor 24/7, medical exams and many more services designed for your care and to provide you with unconditional support

Assistance For Future Parents:

We are by your side during this new stage of life with innovative coverage designed to help you enjoy yourself while you are a soon to be parent. We provide advice for care and psychological support of mothers; we also offer relaxing massages after childbirth, assembly of furniture for your new baby, installation of the child’s seat in the car. We also provide you with all kinds of useful information you may need along the way. 

Unemployment Assistance:

It is always a rough time when you lose your job or you are simply between employers, but we can help you to take advantage of your full potential. We provide you with advice for the creation or updating of your CV, preparation for an interview, psychological support, help making cell phone payments and utilities services and much more, all with the aim of giving you the confidence you need while you are between jobs.

Millennial Assistance:

We offer innovative coverage that is adapted to your needs. We support your desire to grow and learn with coaching sessions, telephone advice on startups, e-commerce, app creation, information on courses and conferences of entrepreneurship in the digital world.

Express Road Assistance:

We offer coverage that lets our clients enjoy and take care of their cars, at home car wash service, car disinfection and cleaning, routine check-ups, assistance for when you have a broken windshield or window and help changing tires when you get a flat.

Fitness Assistance

We know that taking care of yourself is very important so we offer you coverage for assembly of workout machines and other sports equipment, classes and advice on exercise routines, nutritional guidance in order to obtain optimal results, health shakes and much more.

Pet Assistance:

Pets are important members of the family and require lots of care and protection, so we offer coverage for, veterinary visits, pet consultation service, vaccinations, topical flea treatments, pet funeral services, information about your pet’s well-being and everything they need to stay happy and healthy with the rest of the family.