Traditional Assistance

We create services that meet the needs of different groups of clients in their day –to-day lives, covering everything from leisure activities, to orientation spaces in different fields and in moments of emergency.

Traditional Home Assistance:

Assistance packages that cover you in the event of any emergency or unforeseen event in your home such as: locksmith, plumbing, electrician or glass services among others.

Shared Property Assistance:

We are an effective and fundamental support for the operation and order of Shared Property, we offer maintenance services, legal advice, tax, emergency services, cleaning assistants, cafeteria and security services these and more services are available at your fingertips.

Technical Assistance:

Our Technical assistance is innovative and adjustable to the needs of this globalized world, we have cybersecurity coverage, 24/7 telephone assistance, software installation, home technician, advice on the operation of Apps, programs, and equipment.

Dental Assistance:

Because your oral health and that of your family is also very important, we have all the bases covered. We provide teeth-cleanings, oral healthcare guidance, diagnostic clinical examination, pain management, x-rays, discounts for dental care and much more.

Hand-man Assistance:

There is nothing like having a trusted professional technician to help out with those small fixes around the house home, we have different maintenance, repair and installation services, as well as advice and help for home repairs.

Tax Assistance:

We provide advice on tax and accounting matters.

Roadside Assistance:

Drive with peace of mind, knowing that if anything happen to you while you are on the road you can count on us. We offer assistance such as technical assistance, battery jump-start, fuel delivery, towing, and replacement of minor parts, as well as legal assistance and everything you need to stay safe while on the road. 

Medical Assistance:

Everything you need to take care of you and your family’s health. We provide a doctor 24/7 through our telemedicine service, consultations with specialists or help in psychology, nutrition, and much more.

SME Assistance:

We are the best ally for your company, as we provide innovative coverage adaptable to any market, we offer support with advice on administrative, legal issues, accounting procedures.  We also offer coverage for installation, cleaning, security services or temporary employees as well as many more services tailored to the needs of your company.

Theft Assistance:

We support our clients to help them get through a difficult moment. We provide a taxi or other transportation service that takes you to your home.  Advice and coordination on filing complaints, helping out with document replacement and what whatever else you may need.

Funeral Assistance:

Losing a loved one is very difficult on you and your family, so we lend a hand with legal procedures, floral arrangement, transfer and arrangement of the body, the area for a wake and different services that you may need help with during this trying time.

Legal Assistance:

We are your trusted legal counsel providing support and advice on different legal issues, such as: assistance in the event you suffer a theft, damages to third parties, family law, hiring, and traffic fines among others.

Motorcycle Assistance:

Ride with confidence! We offer assistance packages with: roadside assistance, driver assistance, legal coverage, key duplication assistance, location and shipment of spare parts and much more. 

Travel Assistance:

Enjoy your vacation; we will take care of any setbacks that may arise. We offer medical assistance, hotel expenses in the case of theft, locating lost luggage, shipments of medicines, information prior to the trip and many more services that will help you feel at ease while traveling.